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The Nadi Shastra (Naadi Shastra) is a branch of Astrology that offers explanations and advice regarding the influence of the planets or the results the planets brings about to souls who seek the aid of this branch of Astrology. Every soul has two main nasal passages or nostrils. The breath through the nostrils is termed as Yidakalai and Pinkalai respectively. (Yidakalai-Moon kalai; Pingalai-Sun kalai). The breath through the left nostril is termed as 'Yidakalai' and the breath through the right nostril is termed as 'Pinkalai'. In addition to the two ways by which breath passes, there is a third way termed... - Readmore >>.
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The practice of Nadi Jyotish (Naadi Jyotish) is different from other Hindu astrology system. As per Nadi Jyotish (Naadi Jyotish) principles, the zodiac is divided in twelve equal sub-divisions of signs with equal subdivisions of the twenty-seven Nakshatras (constellations). Further, these stars are subdivided into unequal sub Lords. Under Nadi Jyotish the sub lord is stronger than the Nakshatra and the Nakshatra is stronger than the planet.The sublords form the basis of Nadi Jyotish and which is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all human beings were foreseen by... | Readmore >>.
Puja is a sacred ceremonial act (reverence to a God through invocation; prayer like mantra, slokas; song; and ritual) of performed on different events to adoration. Puja is a spiritual connection with the divine. The methods are to worship in an object element of nature, water, fire, precious jewel, a sculpture, an idol, an image or other symbol of the god etc. These objects are created as receptacles for spiritual energy to direct communication with divine, which you can touch, feel, smell, see, feel the taste of. Thus all wandering senses are brought to a focus, by belief (faith) and by daily practice. | Readmore >>.
The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva who is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran or Vaithiyanatha swamy his consort is known as Thaiyalnayagi, unlike most other temples that are known by the presiding deity, lord Muruga(Selva muthu kumara swamy) is the celebrated deity in Vaitheeswarankoil though the name Vaithiyanathan is associated with lord shiva. There is a part of the story in Ramayana that Ravana proceeding to Srilanka with Sita, while Jadayu fought with Ravana to relieve Sita by the time Ravana cut his wing the same wing fell down here and eventually got moksha. | Readmore >>.

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History of Nadi Shastra

The origins of the Nadi Shastra are shrouded in the mists of time. This marvelous system of prediction has been used to give reliable guidance for many centuries about past, future predictions between birth and death cycle of one destined person. Research shows that this system has been in use for at least 5000 years. The Nadi shastra is believed to have been first composed very long ago by the Sapta Rishis and devine sages.

Agasthyar, Athiri, kaga pujandar, Kausikar, Vyasa, Bohar, Bhrigu, Vasishtar are some of most divine sages. Agasthyar, Athiri, kaga pujandar, Kausikar, Vyasa, Bohar, Bhrigu, Vasishtar are some of most divine sages of them. Their attainment of a particular level in the unfoldment of total knowledge presented them the nature scope and end...


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